Seed Money to Start and Boost Businesses

With recent donations and microloans, Arise Women Empowerment Center – Africa (AWEC) has been able to support several women to start and boost businesses.

Here are a few highlights:

Here come the books!  The women of Arise Women Empowerment Center have launched a successful training to make books with their new book binding machine.  Many books sold means many children fed and schooled. For more info on this venture, Click here.

Monica* is back in business after AWEC was able to provide funds to get her on her feet again. She had used her capital to pay for school fees (Education is NOT FREE in Uganda even in public schools).  Instead of sitting at home, her kids are now being educated for a better future.

Joyce* (the woman in orange) is a commercial tomato farmer.  AWEC provided funds to buy organic pesticides to treat her tomatoes, so they remain healthy. 

In this picture, Joyce is teaching others in her AWEC savings group how to grow healthy tomatoes.  This is one of many examples of how the women support one another.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the women.


Rosie Dennerlein, from CT, USA and Mariam Namusabi, from Jinja, Uganda were introduced by a mutual friend in September 2019 since they both have a passion for empowering women. 

Even though they lived an ocean apart, their friendship blossomed as they supported one another with their ministries.

The mission of both ministries is to empower vulnerable women/families financially, socially and spiritually in Uganda, Africa.    

Shakan Global Mission, Inc. was birthed out of a desire to link Arise Women Empowerment Center-Africa (AWEC) and the future ministry of Shakan Global Mission Guest House. 

As Rosie settles in Uganda, additional relationships with like-minded local organizations will lead to greater impact for economic well-being, access to quality education, better health, and employment.